About HABP

The Hungarian Association for Body Psychotherapy (HABP) was founded in 2008, with the aim of representing somatic psychology and body-oriented branches of psychotherapy in Hungary. Most of the founding members had been in training since 2004 at L’Ecole Européenne de Psychothérapie Socio- et Somato-Analytique (EEPSSA; Lipsheim, France). During the first years, members of HABP were chiefly participating workshops led by trainers of EEPSSA in Budapest and in Lipsheim. Later on, HABP started to get in touch with trainers and body psychotherapists from other institutes as well, while maintaining and strengthening the relationship with EEPSSA. As a result, besides the numerous workshops held in Budapest by professionals from all around Europe, full-length training programmes were launched with trainers from Italian (Societa Italiana di Biosistemica), Croatian (Centar za integrativni razvoj) and US American (The Focusing Institute) organizations. Also, some of our members completed their trainings in various foreign organizations and started to train groups on their own.

After 6 years of work, it became clear for us that the scope of HABP has reached a point, where we need to become a professional training institute, accredited by Hungarian state and international organizations. Therefore, we designed HABP Training in Body Psychotherapy, adjusted to the training standards of European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP) and the Hungarian Council of Psychotherapy. A brief outline of that training programme can be found under Training.

HABP Board and Committees:
Árpád Kántor
Emese Molnár
Gábor Hajdú Ráfis
Chair Educational Affairs Committee:
Márton Szemerey
Members of Educational Affairs Committee:
Krisztina Juhász
Veronika Szilágyi
Chair Supervision Committee:
Katalin Gátfalvi
Members of Supervision Committee:
Krisztina Medgyesi
Zoltán Upor
Chair Ethics Committee:
Edit Tóth
Members of Ethics Committee:
Andrea Andrek
Anna Weiszburg
Advisory Board Representatives:
Dr Kállainé Harangi Rita
Tornyossy Mária
Horváth Zoltán
Péter Edit
Dr Buda László
Timaffy Gyöngyvér
Founding members of HABP:
• Ács Mónika Eszter
• Dr. Buda László
• Fehér Pálma Virág
• Gombos Brigitta
• Horváth Zoltán
• Indries Krisztián
• Dr. Kállainé Harangi Rita
• Kántor Árpád
• Dr. Kiss Dóra
• Konkoly Éva
• Dr. Lantos Zoltán
• Maráz L. Réka
• Molnár Emese
• Dr. Nagy Dorottya
• Péter Edit
• Sarkadi-Nagy Szilvia
• Szabó Győző Zoltánné
• Szilágyi Klára
• Tornyossy Mária
• Dr. Tóth Edit
• Dr. Zentai Ágnes