Who is the HABP Training in Body Psychotherapy for?

The HABP Training in Body Psychotherapy has the following entry requirements:

• The applicant must have an appropriate level of emotionaly maturity to manage the content of the training course and subsequently a client caseload;

• The applicant must have an equivalence to an academic first degree in a field relevant to psychotherapy (psychology, medicine of health disciplines, human and social sciences);

• The applicant must have a reasonable personal experience of psychotherapy (min. 30 hours in an individual setting, or 120 hours in a group, within the last 5 years);

• The applicant must have a reasonable personal experience of various brances of body-psychotherapy (min. 100 hours’ group experience of body-psychotherapy, in at least 3 different branches);

• The applicant must agree that until completing the entire course of training and obtaining a certificate, s/he will not refer to participating in the training in any of his/her professional or other activities;

• Although not a requirement, it is highly advisable that the applicant has an experience in of any the helping professions.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 16 persons.

Modules of the Training

GENERAL TRAINING IN THEORY The theoretical framework of the training in Hungarian Association for Body Psychotherapy. It aims at encompassing the entire theoretical background of body- psychotherapy in 400 hours, 4 semesters
200 hours
individual therapy
Personal experience in a group setting Min. 150 hours of personal psychotherapeutic experience in the chosen branch of body-psychotherapy, in a closed group setting
Training in theory, methodology and practice Min. 120 hours of training in the theory, methodology and practice of the chosen branch of body-psychotherapy
Supervision Min. 300 hours of clinical practice, under min. 150 hours of close supervision
GRADUATION Examination in theory, written work (case study) and its professional presentation

 Description of the Training Modules

  1. General Training in Theory

The General Training in Theory module aims at providing an overall framework about body-psychotherapy, which can be a common ground for any psychotherapist, whatever branch of body-psychotherapy s/he should use. Subjects are arranged in a two-year curriculum, devided into four semesters, 100 hours each semseter. This makes it possible to start e.g. the General Training and the Specialization modules at the same time. Lecturers are researcheres and/or clinical psychologists mostly from Hungarian universities. Subjects, which cover topics unpresent in Hungarian education until now, especially those about the history, theory etc. of body-psychotherapy, are tought chiefly by members of the board of HABP.

Subjects include: Introduction to body-psychoterapy, The history and main branches of body-psychotherapy, Scientific theories behind body-psychotherapy, Experience-based anatomy, Psychosomatics, Psychopathology, Patopsychology, Developmental psychology, Ethics of body-psychotherapy, Body schema and body representation, Trauma treatment, etc.

  1. Specialization

Participants are required to specialize in at least one modality of body-psychotherapy. At present HABP offers a full training in the following branches of body-psychotherapy:

  • Biosystemic Psychotherapy (Trainers: Mauricio Stupiggia, Rubens Kignel, etc.)
  • Focusing (Trainers: Zack Boukydis, Árpád Kántor, Veronika Szilágyi, Emese Molnár)
  • Haptonomy (Trainer: Jean-Luc Deconinck)
  • Integrative Core Dynamics (Trainer: László Pintér)
  • Integrative Somato-psychotherapy (Trainers: Richard Meyer, Marie-Christine Piatkowski, Muriel Laurant, Anne Marie Lessens Porte, Martine Capron, Francoisse Serre, etc.)

In accordance with the training standards of EABP, every specialization has to contain a) min. 150 hours of personal therapeutic experience in the chosen branch of body-psychotherapy, b) min. 120 hours of training in the theory, methodology and practice of the chosen modality, and c) min. 300 hours of clinical practice under min. 150 hours of close supervision.

  1. Personal Psychotherapeutic Experience

Personal psychotherapeutic experience is commonly seen to be essential for one to establish oneself as a therapist. Therefore, participants are required to undergo a continuous and uninterrupted series of individual sessions (min. 200 hours). Individual setting is important, as the therapeutic modalities offered by HABP are used primarily in one-to-one setting. (Some of them can be used in groupwork as well, but, for the time being, the training in HAPB has a clear focus on therapy with individuals.) At present, this module in not restricted to psychotherapeutic experience with therapists working with body-psychotherapy.

  1. Graduation

Graduation consists of a comprehensive exam in the theory of body-psychotherapy, completed by the submission of a thesis (case study) and its professional presentation. In the title obtained with graduation, it has to be reflected that HAPB Training does not yet belong to the accredited psychotherapeutical training programs in Hungary or Europe. Therefore, for the moment graduates are certified as „Psycho-somatotherapist with … specialization”. However, HABP is ready to start the accreditation process in Hungary as well as in the EABP.